Saturday, January 1, 2011


So, I get to work this morning and it is brought to my attention that it is 1-1-11. That's a super fun date. As my mind started to wander, I thought to myself...I will be working at 11:11am on 1-1-11.

I cannot wait to see what fun memory I have of that time/date.

Then, I thought to myself...will something crazy happen in the world? Or, can I make a wish at that time and will it come true? mind was racing!

Well, I got super busy and totally forgot to look at the clock. The charge RN turns to me at 2pm and starts laughing. She says, "Guess what you were doing at 11:11?". Looking for a stool sample kit!!


Yup! I was. That will forever be the memory of 11:11am on 1-1-11. Oh, the joys of being a nurse!

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