Saturday, April 2, 2011

I love these girls!

Our dear friend is going in for her second kidney transplant in a few days.

My sweet friends spent the afternoon cooking healthy meals for her
for when she returns home from the hospital.

We talked, laughed, prayed and enjoyed an afternoon helping our dear friend.


                                                      The girls cooking their
                                                      little hearts out.

In just a few hours, we were able to make:
4 loaves of bread
4 ready to cook pizzas
1 Large Lasagne
2 containers of soup
a stack of beef burger patties
a stack of veggie burger patties
3 bags full of macaroni and cheese
1 box full of granola
1 big bag of rotisserie chicken shreded
2 bags of sliced meatloaf
lots of trays of yummy juice cubes for healthy smoothies


I also made some magnets so we will be reminded daily to pray for our sweet friend.

Today was awesome!
I am so blessed to have amazing friends that are always willing to help out.

Nichole, you are truly and example to each of us and we pray for a successful surgery.
We love you!

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