Monday, February 14, 2011


Call me corny,
call it cheesey,



I am a true romantic.
The cornier the better!
I love love!

So, how did we celebrate Valentine's Day?

We started off with heart pancakes.
(This year...made by my sweet hubby...hence the enormous dab of butter!)

I wore my only pink sweater I own and pulled out my cute hearts.

We gave little gifts

and I decorated Brendan's room.

This year we saved the heart pasta,

and went out to lunch
 Lots of hugs were given,

And, of course...we had to play Valentine's Angry Birds.

As we were cooking dinner, Brendan found some old Valentine's Day cups and plates.
So, he decided to decorate the table.  (Puffle had to join too)

Brendan wanted his graph to be the centerpiece.

 This was the final table, ready for dinner.

Brian grilled steaks and of course...
I had to make pink mashed potatoes.

 And finally, my sweet hubby surprised us with these little bits of heaven.

You may ask...

Was it all worth it?

It was 100%! This is what I heard after dinner;

 "Mom, this was the best Valetime's Day ever! and by the way...I love you and dad!"

My heart melted!
He has never been so lovey.
Every single cheesey bit was worth it!

I hope you all felt very loved today!

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