Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where has the time gone?

The tooth fairy visited the Glaser house last night. My baby boy lost his first tooth!

We have been anticipating this day for a few weeks now. When it happened, Brendan freaked out a little bit and didn't know what to make of it. We freaked out as we spent the tooth fairy money the day before.

So...daddy tooth fairy saved the night and and drove through Jack and the Box at 10pm to get some cash. Brendan made out with $5.00 and daddy tooth fairy made out with a chocolate shake.

 The tooth fairy left a $5.00 bill and a tooth book. We are documenting each day B looses a tooth in his new book.

As I look at these pictures, I think to myself:

 "How did my baby boy get so old?"

 "I love my son's crazy hair in the morning.", and

"What the heck does the tooth fairy do with the teeth?"

I have no idea!

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